Rachel Reeves

My plan to make working people better off

My plan for economic growth is built from the talents and efforts of tens of millions of working people and businesses across the country. 

It’s a plan where everyone feels better off, not just a few at the top. 

But if there’s one thing my career as an economist for the Bank of England taught me, it’s that none of this is achievable without a stable and secure economy. 

Your sums have always got to add up.

That’s why everything I do as Chancellor will be built on the bedrock of economic stability and financial responsibility. 

I will never, ever, play fast and loose with the public finances or family finances. 

After 14 years of chaos and instability, I know just how high the stakes are for working people. 

There’s so much potential and talent here in Britain – I know it won’t be an easy task, but our best days can be ahead of us.

As Chancellor, I will work every day to build a stronger economy that works for working people.

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