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From Fallen Angel Reviews
4 Angels for Dragon Healer

The premise of Dragon Healer is excellent, and its telling
just as good. Tani is alone. Her parents have succumbed
to an illness that she couldn’t cure, but she has become
adept at making salves and helping those around her with
their minor ailments. King Grelas has a problem he hopes
she can help with. His dragons are falling ill. Can this
healer cure them? He sends his son, Jerin, to find her and
bring her to them.

Rachel Reeves has done an excellent job of telling this
story. It is engaging and interesting. It pulls the reader in
instantly with many vivid descriptions and flowing
dialogue. Even the dragon’s speeches are intriguing, as is
the relationship with Jerin’s dragon. The two share
something special, and it is easy to see, and feel, this
unique bond. Jerin’s bond with the King is interesting as
well. His respect for his father is nearly tangible, and I
liked that about this story. I saw everything in this story,
and it was all pleasurable. Time slipped by as I read this,
and before I wanted it to be, it was over. Dragon Healer
pulled me into the world of dragons and elves and I loved
every minute of it!

Reviewed by Carly